Meet Mia

A couple weeks ago I got to shoot the lovely Mia. Now a dear friend, Mia has such humbling presence, and I am so glad that I had the pleasure of shooting her. Her hair was like Rapunzale, and her movements were effortless.


As of late,

I have admittedly been discouraged. A shoot like this was just what I needed. No pressure at all just learning from someone else. Shooting constantly is key if you want to improve. I have to do the normal jobs to make rent, but I haven't gotten a job in a studio because I know personally that I would be miserable. I need to be using my surroundings while I shoot, and learning to use natural light in every way possible. I am now embracing harsh light and shadows. 

I look to people like Mia for that inspiration I need to grow. Just when I was feeling strung out and not creative, MAGIC happened...

Well I guess that is for you all to decide. As for future posts, they will be more frequent. Sorry for my discouragement. Sorry for letting you down. I don't like that, and I want to be better at this. No excuses.




Long time no talk

Hello guys!

I hope you haven't moved on and given up on me lately. I have had the most crazy past 2 months. If you foliow me on Instagram then you have noticed I have been busy with a part-time that felt like a full-time job during the holidays. Not to mention I just moved into a new place with my lovely friend/roomie Anarosa that you see to the right! Not only that, but I recently just photographed two weddings. Oh my! So as I edit those you will definitely get some sneak peeks! I may have added a couple you have seen parts of below.

I am finally back, and getting so many new things coming to you all! I am going to be featuring collaborations with many artists and makers. I promise it was worth the wait. Also I am going to be getting a new logo soon which is very exciting! I am so thankful for what I have learned in 2013 from so many talented people. I have gotten the pleasure to make so many relationships with people through my photography. These are people that have inspired me to create and reach my goals and dreams. The crazy thing is I am now getting to photograph them. I am so blessed and appreciative for the opportunities I have been given thus far, and can't wait to do much more! I am constantly growing and learning. 

I wanted to give you all a little start to the new year with a couple random photos from as of late. I got the pleasure of photographing some of my friends I met over Instagram. Sarah and Joshua are so creative and ambitious. I have been following them both for quite some time now. They should be at the top of the Instagram Suggestion list in my opinion. If you are on Instagram you should look them up: @joshuaweaver and @sarahsiroky. I am sure there is only a matter of time before they will be InstaFAMOUS. Anyways they happened to visit NYC when we had our first snow blowout of the winter. As my fingers were literally falling off I didn't care. Their love for each other is intoxicating and pure. I have no doubt they are going to do amazing and creative things. They made my heart melt. Sarah is also going to be the one to create my new logo. We are cooking something up as we speak, and I couldn't be more excited! Anyways here is just a couple snaps of the past. Enjoy.. more coming soon. Thank you all for sticking with me and ALWAYS check my Instagram (emmajanekepley) for recent updates always!




The girl that puts fashion to paper. I had the pleasure of shooting the gorgeous Katie who is behind PaperFashion. Her work is beautiful and I have been a follower of hers for about 4 years now. I know that sounds crazy, but it's so true. The fact that she asked me to shoot her portraits made me so happy. Not to mention a tad nervous...I am sure you are wondering why? Well right before we took photos she told me she doesn't usually like photos of herself. So I had that to overcome and prove to her and myself. I love a good challenge, and I must say I think these turned out lovely. She was just glowing. I hope you enjoy these. And Katie thank you again for asking me to take photos of you..I will never forget it.





Wow so many things have been happening as of late. I recently got a part-time job at UrbanOutfitters to have a little extra to buy some things for myself....haha. Anyways I realized I haven't really sat down and talked on here in a while. I am always updating with photos I am taking for projects I am doing. Not that I don't love updating everyone I also like to take time and talk about stuff. I am a human I have problems and ups and downs like everyone else. Though my Instagram may look dreamy, and only consist of coffee and doughnuts but....

Life isn't all doughnuts and daily cortados...hmm...if only...

Today I actually went to shoot something, but ended up rescheduling for later so then there was this camera I had on me...

I was actually walking back home and opened my eyes a little. I always pass this tattoo shop, and for some reason this time there was this little boy sitting in the doorway reading a book! First off I was taken back that this little boy was "reading" a book, and then I was even more thrown off by the fact he was just chilling in front of a tattoo shop. Something about the fact he was so into this book and not an ipad. Ipad's are taking over the world these days, especially with kids. They know how to work those things more then adults. Anyways the boy noticed me, and I asked him if I could take some photos. He said yes and I told him to stay how he was but to look down...then when I count to 3 just look up. He did so...perfectly I might add, and below is the result. Such a lovely moment.

Then I needed to walk around and enjoy the last fallen leaves that make the streets come alive. I do love snuggly weather, but boy does NYC take that to a whole another level. It has been teasing us lately, and I must admit I am dreading the blistering winds that are coming. 

Also the last photo I must tell you about a lovely lady named Emily. She is the owner of The Object Enthusiast, and her products are beautiful. She send me a small vase and ring dish (I will photograph later) and I am just swooning over here. Make sure to check out her stuff....I promise you won't be leaving that cart empty...

Link below!


Also it actually just turned 12 as I am writing this so I would like to give a shout out to my AMAZING / BEAUTIFUL / LOVING / SMART Momma. Happy Birthday Mom I LOVE you and I am so thankful that you are my mom. You have allowed me to follow my dreams, and I appreciate/love you more then you know. 



The Leather Wallet

A couple weeks back I posted a photo of a leather wallet I am obsessed with. Shana Luther the designer behind Shana Luther Handbags is making her mark in the world of homemade leather goods. I actually found her products via everything else I am obsessed with. 
She graciously sent me the Black/Tan Mini Wallet to feature on my photo diary. I am so glad she did because I have found my new go to wallet. It is so accessible. Also he color options are great. I love the black because it just goes with everything. I asked her to answer a couple questions. I hope you enjoy and visit her site. Just in time for christmas;)



What is your average workday like? 
It really varies from day to day, which is one of the things I like about it. It can be anything from sourcing leather, making trips to my manufacturers to check progress and look at prototypes, website updates, taking product shots, and packing and shipping. You name it, I’m doing it!

Who/what influenced you to start making handbags/wallets?
When I was going to Pratt for fashion design there weren’t any accessory programs but if there were I certainly would’ve been taking them. I suppose it all started when I saw an interesting bag in a local boutique here in Brooklyn. I went back to my studio knowing I could draft the pattern and make it cooler by putting my own spin on it. That really sparked my creativity and I began making more styles. Before I knew it, I had a little business of handmade bags. Now, I work with a local manufacturer but that handmade craftsmanship is embedded into my design philosophy. 

Where do you grab inspiration from? 
I really like smooth shapes and I always tend to find them in vintage cars. Muscle cars in particular is one of my main inspirations but as a designer, you get ideas from everywhere. I always have my eyes open and pay attention to the street style here in NYC, nature, color & texture and just good design in general. 

How would you say is your favorite piece you have made thus far?
The William Tote. I’m a fan of big bags and I think this one is the perfect city bag. I’m carrying the William in Pine this Autumn and the green really does go with everything!

What is something someone might not know about you?
I love animals and I have a very old cat, Tiggs, that’s been with me for almost as long as I’ve been in Brooklyn, over 16 years. When he dies, I want his skeleton to be preserved and mounted. Is that weird? 

What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to become a  designer? 
If you’re thinking of taking the leap and going into business for yourself, don’t wait to do it. Don’t be worried about learning everything there is to know beforehand- you’ll figure it out along the way. Also, although it’s very important to stay up to date on what your peers and/or competition is doing, don’t compare yourself to them. We all have our own path in life and we can’t allow ourselves to get frustrated by what others are doing that we aren’t. Instead, allow it to drive you. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 
Doing what I’m doing now but on a much broader scale. I plan to have many more styles, more stocklists and a studio space outside of my apartment, in Brooklyn of course! 

What's something (like a motto or saying) that gets you through each day and motivates you?
“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Africa’s first female President. I heard this a while ago and it always inspires me.

Sister sister x2

This set is probably my favorite set of the shoot with the Suarez sisters! When in school I remember my teacher saying "try to stay away from graffiti and text on the backdrops that are in your photos." Basically because it can distract you from the picture. One's eyes go straight to the number or words on a building or poster that may be around the subject.
When shooting at this location there was obviously art everywhere. It was dull though. Something about their outfit or maybe because they are sisters made my eyes go straight to them. Anyways I hope you enjoy these. 
Also just recently got a job at Urban Outfitters. Needed to learn something new, and extra money is always nice to have. I hope you all are having a lovely start to the week.